1. America is getting older. One of the biggest reasons why the social security program is running into trouble is because America’s population is getting older. Because the baby boomers were the largest generation in American history, the age balance in the US is now skewing upward, which means tens of millions of people will be claiming social security at the same time, all while the workforce is actually shrinking. Not a good combination!

2. Trusting Washington D.C one hundred percent is never a good strategy. Politicians are notoriously untrustworthy, and social security ultimately depends on the decisions made by senators and congressmen in the capital. Even if you’ve worked hard and paid into the social security system your whole life, there’s no guarantee Washington will respect that.

3. Social security is just a baseline anyway. The average social security paycheck is roughly thirteen hundred dollars a month. Sure, this can be helpful, and it’s a nice safety net, but enjoying the retirement you deserve will probably take more than that.

4. You want to leave a strong financial legacy. For most people, just scraping by in their retirement years isn’t enough. If you are hoping to help the grandkids through college, or take the family on vacations, or leave a meaningful inheritance for the ones you love, you are going to need to build your own source of wealth.